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Year 3021... In the 21st century, mankind dreamed that all work would be done by robots and would live in prosperity in the future. Mankind met the dystopian universe sooner than imagined. In a very different way than imagined. Mankind alienated from nature and was about to turn the blue planet into death. It was at that time that other guests of the planet, came together in desolate lands without human beings. The universe was dying. World resources were being consumed rapidly by human beings. Consensus was achieved as a result of meetings that lasted for days and nights. Mankind should have been wiped out from the face of the earth. The council decided. The 19th generation variant of the virus species would start the chaos that would bring mankind to end. The year 2020 started with natural disasters that marked the death of the blue planet. Immediately after the outbreak, Covid 19 epidemic showed how completely unprepared mankind was. Mankind, who were blinded by the greed for snow, did not take the necessary precautions exactly as expected, and within the next 100 years, their money was wiped from the ground with their factories, tanks and weapons. But it took a thousand years for the terrible scars they left on the planet to be erased. Now they celebrate the rebirth of the blue planet. Welcome to the Xyber Animal Club to celebrate the birth of the blue planet.

Collection's Details

Name: Xyber Animal Club

Year 3021

Place: Xyber Animal Club

Dancing animal videos

100 pics per month

1000 unique parts

1000 unique musics and videos

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